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Woman Takes Photo Of Herself Every Day For 4.5 Years
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Look at yourself in a recent photo, compare it to a photo of yourself from four-and-a-half years ago and you will probably see a difference. But how did you get from then to now? How have the look of your hair style, your eyes, your jawbone, your ears, lips and skin changed day-to-day during that time?

For at least one woman that is not a theoretical question. She took a photo of herself every day for more than four years (and counting!) and compiled her collection in this compelling YouTube video.

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Westminster Abbey Made of LEGO

Ardent LEGO fans never need much of an excuse to create with their favorite building blocks. So the much-hyped royal wedding between Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton provided more than enough excuse for an enterprising group of English enthusiasts to construct a scene from the wedding in Westminster Abbey out of LEGOs.

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The Nuclear Mousetrap
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What does a nuclear chain reaction look like? You don’t want to get close enough to find out. And even if you did, you’d need a molecular microscope. But some creative scientists at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada have found a way to simulate the physics of a chain reaction using a glass box, a whole bunch of mouse traps and several ping pong balls.

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Giant Octopus Kills Shark
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Our recent post on unusual octopus chair designs seemed innocent enough at the time. Little did we know how potentially lethal a giant Pacific octopus could be.

Exhibit #1: The following, rather incredible, video shot by National Geographic.

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Dead Island:
Best Video Game Trailer Ever?

What’s the most engaging, memorable and visually stunning video game trailer ever made? It might be the one for Dead Island. There’s something about its music, its slow motion scenes and its unusual mix of forwards and backwards action that plants itself hauntingly in one’s mind.

The trailer also depicts graphic violence and disturbing images. It’s definitely not for kids and could be overly harrowing even for adults who have kids . . . or who mildly like kids . . . or who hope to one day go on a peaceful vacation to a tropical isle. With that warning, you can watch the trailer video below.

So does having a superlative trailer mean that Dead Island will be a superlative video game?

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Cute Girl. Catchy Dance.
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This YouTube video starts out like so many—with a young girl doing a seemingly random dance during playtime. But keep watching . . .

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A Two Minute Walk Across America

Is it possible to walk across the United States, from New York City to San Francisco, in two minutes? It is through the magic of stop-motion photography and the trickery of time-lapse video. There’s even time along the way to snap a few photos of Washington D.C. monuments and to take in Mt Rushmore.

Here’s the video of how such a journey would look . . .

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Vuvuzela Hero

In the wildly popular Guitar Hero and Band Hero video games the goal is to rock the video crowd. But what if the game Vuvuzela Hero existed? Then the goal might be to cause as much auditory pain as possible.

Here’s a video of what a Vuvuzela Hero game might look like:

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