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Giant Octopus Kills Shark

Giant Octopus Kills Shark

Giant Octopus Kills Shark

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Our recent post on unusual octopus chair designs seemed innocent enough at the time. Little did we know how potentially lethal a giant Pacific octopus could be.

Exhibit #1: The following, rather incredible, video shot by National Geographic.

Even knowing the shark’s fate we like the built-up to the video’s deadly conclusion. If you are in a hurry skip the first 1:35. That’s when the octopus uses its tentacles to latch onto the shark and literally breaks its spine.

For those watching the first part of the video, a few facts about giant octopodes1 to keep you entertained:

  • A typical giant Pacific octopus lives only three to five years. Mature females try to compensate for their short live span and high mortality rate by laying up to 100,000 eggs at once.
  • Lacking bones, an octopus can squeeze its fleshy body through surprisingly small openings.
  • An octopus changes its color to reflect its mood and to camouflage into its surroundings.
  • Octopodes usually eat crabs, scallops, lobster and other entrees you yourself might select at a seafood restaurant. They’ll eat snails, sharks and even other octopodes if necessary. They are also smart, strong and agile enough to open a jar of food and scoop out the contents.

published: 22 Mar 2011


1 That’s the little used, but most technically correct, plural form of “octopus.”

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