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Incredibly fragile, many of the instruments hang from the ceiling during concerts so as not to be melted by their musician’s body heat.

Ice and music. Depending on your age, those two words might conjure up the infamous 80s band Vanilla Ice and their hit “Ice Ice Baby” or the more recent rendition of the song by North Carolina school administrators announcing a snow day. But what’s really too cool (too cool) is the Swedish musical group aptly named Ice Music, whose instruments are carved out of ice.

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A Parental Guide To Surviving a Teen Pop Concert
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So you bought your daughter tickets to go see One Direction for her birthday. At the time, going to a concert during her school break felt like it had all the ingredients necessary to be the first family fun-time since Disneyland back in 2004. From what you’ve surmised, One Direction is some sort of adolescence deity, and procuring passes to see this boy band live has bought you a ton of leeway in planning the rest of your trip. But now, the concert date is drawing closer, and you don’t know how you’re supposed to keep everyone in your family entertained both at the concert itself, and during the subsequent free time. Never fear, we are here to help.

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Macklemore’s Same Love is Different Music

If a rapper spits pro-gay marriage lyrics on the Internet, and the Baby Boomer generation doesn’t own an iPad, is it still a socially progressive? You bet your ass it is.

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Take a Chance on The ABBA Museum
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Anyone can (attempt to) sing Dancing Queen in a karaoke bar. But what about singing Dancing Queen along with a holographic rendering of ABBA and then fielding a real live phone call from one of the original band members? That’s possible only if you are exceedingly wealthy, eccentric and well-connected — or if you visit The ABBA Museum. It’s part of a new complex in Stockholm that celebrates Sweden’s second most famous export after Ikea furniture: The Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

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The Ticket Stub Diary

Still have your ticket stub from seeing The Rolling Stones in Wembley Arena? Of from the 11-inning Game 7 between the Florida Marlins and the Cleveland Indians in the 1997 World Series? Or maybe from a concert, performance, game, museum opening or other event that isn’t historically significant but is especially important to you. Tickets of all sorts can be preserved, organized and collected in The Ticket Stub Diary.

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Take a Video Bitpop Trip

Were you to download one song from Rymdreglage and then another from Ninja Moped you would have two songs from the same band. Why the two names? To confuse their opponents.

And that’s not the only strange thing about the pairing of Swedish high school friends Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh.

Under either name, Larsson and Redgh produce Bitpop, an obscure but growing sub-genre of electronic music that is characterized by the primary melody played by an 8-bit electrical device, like an old Commodore 64 computer or Atari gaming console.

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Infographic: How a Father’s Music
Influences His Kids

Those who read our review of the Sonos wireless music system know what cool technology it is. From a single controller, Sonos let’s one control audio on multiple rooms, sans wires. The system is easy to set up. And it’s modular, making expansion easy too.

Though only tangentially related to their music system, Sonos decided to put together the below infographic on how your father’s musical taste may influence your own. It takes into account other factors too, such as whether you grew up on a farm or studied piano.

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The Next Big Thing In Music (part II)

Looking for the next hit international music performer? The nominees for the Mercury Prize is an excellent place to look. That award goes the best new album from a British or Irish artist.

Recently we took a look at the half of the albums up for the Mercury Prize. Here’s an overview of the other half. As before, clic, on the corresponding album cover to listen to song samples.

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