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Macklemore’s Same Love is Different Music

If a rapper spits pro-gay marriage lyrics on the Internet, and the Baby Boomer generation doesn’t own an iPad, is it still a socially progressive? You bet your ass it is.

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The Royal Wes Anderson: King of Quirk

How does Wes Anderson make us fall in love with every one of his films? Yes, of course, he has his haters. “All his characters wear costumes and talk in monologues.” And they’re right, those things happen. But what makes the films heart-wrenchingly warm and poignant has more to do with what those characters are saying and why they look the way they do.

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Sponsored Video: VH1 presents BMW (Bieber. Money. Women.)

Justin Bieber has become a caricature of himself. Whether it be the entourage he rolls with to host SNL, or joyriding his Ferrari so douchetastically as to be followed home by former NFL bad boy Keyshawn Johnson for a lecture on the finer points of gated-community driving behavior. Bieber’s exploits have become so incredibly bizarre that it feels as if he hired a team of writers to put out farcical press releases while indulging in some sort of hallucinogenic drug binge.

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THE Art Museum Book

If you could curate the ultimate art museum with an unlimited budget what works of art would you choose to display?

A team of over 100 editors, art historians and archeologists spent more than a decade tackling that very question. The result of their collective research is displayed in an epic volume titled, appropriately, The Art Museum.

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The Treehouse Book

Once purely the stuff of children’s fantasies, treehouses have gone upscale and grown-up. (Dare we say “mainstream?”)

The Treehouse Book explores all the possibilities for arboreal housing. It is not really the how-to manual it bills itself to be—there are better books for that. But the photos and descriptions in this book will provoke inspiration for creative types, jealousy among treehouse lovers and instill an urge to climb a tree among nearly everybody.

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