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Sponsored Video: VH1 presents BMW (Bieber. Money. Women.)

Justin Bieber has become a caricature of himself. Whether it be the entourage he rolls with to host SNL, or joyriding his Ferrari so douchetastically as to be followed home by former NFL bad boy Keyshawn Johnson for a lecture on the finer points of gated-community driving behavior. Bieber’s exploits have become so incredibly bizarre that it feels as if he hired a team of writers to put out farcical press releases while indulging in some sort of hallucinogenic drug binge.

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Father, Son Launch Toy Train Into Outter Space

Last month, history’s most significant space launch took place. Or, at least it was the most significant to one little boy.

The launch wasn’t an exploration of Mars. It wasn’t a mission to the International Space Station. And it wasn’t the trial run of some new rocket. Instead, it was a father son project to send the son’s favorite toy — a wooden Stanley locomotive from the Thomas & Friends television series — into outer space.

The father, Ron Fugelseth, works as a producer in Santa Cruz, California and had previously made a video of his son’s extreme attachment to his toy Stanley. So it seemed natural to document Stanley’s space voyage too.

Check out the YouTube video story of the father who sent his son’s favorite toy train to space below.

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Sponsored Video: The Beauty Inside

What if everyday when you woke up you had the appearance of a completely different person on the outside? That’s the basic—and very cool, we think—premise of The Beauty Inside.

The movie tells the story of Alex, who maintains the memories and mentality of a 20-something male as he goes through a daily metamorphosis of his appearance. He’ll look like an Asian grandmother one day, a middle-aged balding man the next and so on. Throughout it all, Alex has to keep a job, maintain his friendships and perhaps, per chance, find love.

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Sponsored Video: Range Anxiety

How far can you travel in a Chevrolet Volt without refueling? Far enough to escape a pack of zombies.

That’s the premise behind a cool new video advertisement for the Volt electric car.

Of course, the video is making certain assumptions: that your ghoul getaway won’t require armor plating . . . that the beautiful driver of said getaway would stop for two scruffy survivors . . . that once ensconced in the safety of a Volt one can overcome the Armageddon by happily driving off into the sunset.

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Look Ma, No Wheels
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Rarely is there highly compelling video of an airplane crash landing in which no one dies and no one gets hurt. Yet—amazingly—that’s exactly what happens here.

A Boeing 767 LOT Airlines flight took off on a seemingly routine flight from New York City with with 230 passengers aboard. As the plane began it’s descend into Warsaw’s Chopin International Airport, pilot noticed that the landing wheels weren’t lowering.

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Take a Video Bitpop Trip

Were you to download one song from Rymdreglage and then another from Ninja Moped you would have two songs from the same band. Why the two names? To confuse their opponents.

And that’s not the only strange thing about the pairing of Swedish high school friends Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh.

Under either name, Larsson and Redgh produce Bitpop, an obscure but growing sub-genre of electronic music that is characterized by the primary melody played by an 8-bit electrical device, like an old Commodore 64 computer or Atari gaming console.

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The Floating Football Island
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Spot Cool Stuff first visited Koh Panyee on a trip to Thailand a few years after the story of the YouTube video below takes place. “Koh” in Thai means “island.” But Koh Panyee is an island more in name than reality. The place is more accurately described as a floating village, built around steep karst mounds and upon bits of rock that stick out from the sea. To walk around the inhabited areas of Panyee—the inhabited areas being virtually the only parts of the “island” one can walk around—is like exploring a scene from Waterworld come to life (minus Kevin Costner).

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Woman Takes Photo Of Herself Every Day For 4.5 Years
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Look at yourself in a recent photo, compare it to a photo of yourself from four-and-a-half years ago and you will probably see a difference. But how did you get from then to now? How have the look of your hair style, your eyes, your jawbone, your ears, lips and skin changed day-to-day during that time?

For at least one woman that is not a theoretical question. She took a photo of herself every day for more than four years (and counting!) and compiled her collection in this compelling YouTube video.

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