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Top 5 Video Game Worlds
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Every video game fan, casual or hardcore, has had the fantasy of being inside the game themselves. Although, whether they’re committing crimes on the streets of San Andreas or battling the Greek god’s in the depths of hell, they don’t take the time to fully appreciate their surroundings either. That’s a huge discredit to the game developers who have put blood, sweat and time into creating the picturesque beauties that are our game landscapes.

To ensure nerd justice is achieved in society, this landscape list has been created to show the best in-game worlds — we’d would buy a virtual plane ticket to visit. If you do not see your favorite game on the list do not be disheartened, it was close to impossible to narrow it down to just five. After considering the aesthetics of the game, the activities that would available on the virtual vacation and general popularity of the title, the list was dissolved into five equally astounding games:

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Furniture Inspired by Video Games, Scifi Movies
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Once tasked with delivering messages for the Rebel Alliance, R2-D2 has been reduced to holding up your butt as, literally, a piece of lawn furniture.

Spot Cool Stuff previously reviewed 10 creative pieces of jewelry geeks will love. If are thusly geek-inclined but looking for less of a personal accessory and more for something around-the-house, consider one of these five pieces of geek-friendly furniture. Each was inspired by a video game or a science fiction movie:

video games movies  Furniture Inspired by Video Games, Scifi Movies

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Dead Island:
Best Video Game Trailer Ever?

What’s the most engaging, memorable and visually stunning video game trailer ever made? It might be the one for Dead Island. There’s something about its music, its slow motion scenes and its unusual mix of forwards and backwards action that plants itself hauntingly in one’s mind.

The trailer also depicts graphic violence and disturbing images. It’s definitely not for kids and could be overly harrowing even for adults who have kids . . . or who mildly like kids . . . or who hope to one day go on a peaceful vacation to a tropical isle. With that warning, you can watch the trailer video below.

So does having a superlative trailer mean that Dead Island will be a superlative video game?

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Vuvuzela Hero

In the wildly popular Guitar Hero and Band Hero video games the goal is to rock the video crowd. But what if the game Vuvuzela Hero existed? Then the goal might be to cause as much auditory pain as possible.

Here’s a video of what a Vuvuzela Hero game might look like:

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Ride Like Tony Hawk
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For years now there have been good skateboard video games out there (the Skate series by Electronic Arts being our favorite among them). But there’s something ultimately unsatisfying about controlling a virtual skateboarder by way of a joystick. Even Skate, which is a truly fun game, is really just glorified driving game with a skateboard on the screen instead of a car or motorcycle or whatever.

The new Tony Hawk: Ride offers to change that—the game for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 comes with a physical skateboard controller.

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The Coming Nintendo Wii Football Controller?
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One of the best ways to foresee what’s coming down the gadget pike is to check out company patent filings. Though, of course, a patent for a product being filed doesn’t automatically mean the product will become reality.

With that caveat we bring you this bit of cool news: according to the excellent website Nintendo World Report a patent has been filed for a Wii interactive football controller.

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