The 10 Best Submarine MoviesThe 10 Best Submarine Movies

The 10 Best Submarine Movies

Flicks with great depth

Sponsored Video: Gentlemen Wager Over Johnnie Walker BlueSponsored Video: Gentlemen Wager Over Johnnie Walker Blue

Sponsored Video: Gentlemen Wager Over Johnnie Walker Blue

New short film stars Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini

Top 5 Video Game WorldsTop 5 Video Game Worlds

Top 5 Video Game Worlds

Virtual worlds we wish were real

Literally Cool MusicLiterally Cool Music

Literally Cool Music

Sweden’s Ice Orchestra

Giant Dragon Skull Found on England CoastGiant Dragon Skull Found on England Coast

Giant Dragon Skull Found on England Coast

Cool blinkbox marketing stunt disappoints archeologists

Climbing, Jumping Water FunClimbing, Jumping Water Fun

Climbing, Jumping Water Fun

The inflatable over-water trampoline & climbing iceberg

A Parental Guide To Surviving a Teen Pop ConcertA Parental Guide To Surviving a Teen Pop Concert

A Parental Guide To Surviving a Teen Pop Concert

How to attend a ‘One Direction’ concert WITH your kids

Macklemore’s <i>Same Love</i> is Different MusicMacklemore’s <i>Same Love</i> is Different Music

Macklemore’s Same Love is Different Music

A pro-gay rap arrives from Seattle before pig’s are able to fly.

The 10 Best Submarine Movies

There’s something compelling about the submarine genre of movies: the close quarters, the life-and-death nature of it, the mystery of what’s out there in the dark and vast ocean depths. By our unofficial count, there have been roughly 100 submarine-oriented flicks made since World War II. (The exact number depends on which movies you decide to include). Spot Cool Stuff has seen the vast majority of them. Here’s ranking of our personal favorite ten best submarine movies:

Note that our list seems to vary from the consensus opinion. To share your list, dive down to our comments section.

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Sponsored Video: Gentlemen Wager Over Johnnie Walker Blue

In the past, Spot Cool Stuff has attended a vodka tasting in Russia, a moonshine tasting in Kentucky and a blended scotch tasting in Scotland.

In the former two tastings we could not, if we are being honest with ourselves, discern any difference between the various offerings. We held the assortment of vodkas up to the light. We twirled the moonshine samples around in the glass. We sniffed, we sipped, we let the liquid linger in the mouth and did everything else our tasting hosts told us to do. It made no difference. To our pallet, vodka is vodka and moonshine is moonshine.

So when we sat down for the tasting in Scotland we figured we wouldn’t be able to tell the blended scotches apart either.

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Top 5 Video Game Worlds
spot cool stuff MEDIA

Every video game fan, casual or hardcore, has had the fantasy of being inside the game themselves. Although, whether they’re committing crimes on the streets of San Andreas or battling the Greek god’s in the depths of hell, they don’t take the time to fully appreciate their surroundings either. That’s a huge discredit to the game developers who have put blood, sweat and time into creating the picturesque beauties that are our game landscapes.

To ensure nerd justice is achieved in society, this landscape list has been created to show the best in-game worlds — we’d would buy a virtual plane ticket to visit. If you do not see your favorite game on the list do not be disheartened, it was close to impossible to narrow it down to just five. After considering the aesthetics of the game, the activities that would available on the virtual vacation and general popularity of the title, the list was dissolved into five equally astounding games:

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Literally Cool Music

Incredibly fragile, many of the instruments hang from the ceiling during concerts so as not to be melted by their musician’s body heat.

Ice and music. Depending on your age, those two words might conjure up the infamous 80s band Vanilla Ice and their hit “Ice Ice Baby” or the more recent rendition of the song by North Carolina school administrators announcing a snow day. But what’s really too cool (too cool) is the Swedish musical group aptly named Ice Music, whose instruments are carved out of ice.

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