The 10 Best Submarine Movies

There’s something compelling about the submarine genre of movies: the close quarters, the life-and-death nature of it, the mystery of what’s out there in the dark and vast ocean depths. By our unofficial count, there have been roughly 100 submarine-oriented flicks made since World War II. (The exact number depends on which movies you decide to include). Spot Cool Stuff has seen the vast majority of them. Here’s ranking of our personal favorite ten best submarine movies:

Note that our list seems to vary from the consensus opinion. To share your list, dive down to our comments section.

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Sponsored Video: Gentlemen Wager Over Johnnie Walker Blue

In the past, Spot Cool Stuff has attended a vodka tasting in Russia, a moonshine tasting in Kentucky and a blended scotch tasting in Scotland.

In the former two tastings we could not, if we are being honest with ourselves, discern any difference between the various offerings. We held the assortment of vodkas up to the light. We twirled the moonshine samples around in the glass. We sniffed, we sipped, we let the liquid linger in the mouth and did everything else our tasting hosts told us to do. It made no difference. To our pallet, vodka is vodka and moonshine is moonshine.

So when we sat down for the tasting in Scotland we figured we wouldn’t be able to tell the blended scotches apart either.

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The Royal Wes Anderson: King of Quirk

How does Wes Anderson make us fall in love with every one of his films? Yes, of course, he has his haters. “All his characters wear costumes and talk in monologues.” And they’re right, those things happen. But what makes the films heart-wrenchingly warm and poignant has more to do with what those characters are saying and why they look the way they do.

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5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Movies of All Time
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There is nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure movie. Bring It On comes to mind. So does Spaceballs. We are even partial to a hilarious romp of epic stupidity from time to time (we are looking at you Hot Tub Time Machine). But, the worst movies of all, are those that end up being unintentionally offensive. For example, think of any comedy set in occupied Germany that wasn’t directed by Quentin Tarantino. All of the films that made our 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Movies list have one thing in common: they suck. But, unlike traditional sucky films, these five have set themselves apart by going the extra mile to insult the intelligence and sensibilities of the general public. Enjoy!

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Furniture Inspired by Video Games, Scifi Movies
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Once tasked with delivering messages for the Rebel Alliance, R2-D2 has been reduced to holding up your butt as, literally, a piece of lawn furniture.

Spot Cool Stuff previously reviewed 10 creative pieces of jewelry geeks will love. If are thusly geek-inclined but looking for less of a personal accessory and more for something around-the-house, consider one of these five pieces of geek-friendly furniture. Each was inspired by a video game or a science fiction movie:

video games movies  Furniture Inspired by Video Games, Scifi Movies

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The Hotel that was
Luke Skywalker’s Home
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Spot Cool Stuff previously reviewed the cool, luxurious and eco-friendly Adrere Amellal resort in Egypt; we described being there as like living on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s desertic home planet in Star Wars.

Further to the west, in Matmata, Tunisia, there’s a desert lodge that isn’t like Tatooine. It is Tatooine1. That lodge, the Sidi Driss Hotel, served as the filming location for several scenes in Star Wars.

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EPIX Movies, NBC Shows Come to Amazon Prime
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Amazon announced recently that a variety of EPIX movies and NBC Universal television shows will now be available to those with Amazon Prime to watch via Amazon’s instant streaming service.

Spot Cool Stuff has long been a huge fan of Amazon’s Prime program. Members get free 2-day shipping on any item sold by Amazon, no matter if it’s a $3.99 iPhone case or an 890 pound professional jointer. The shipping savings alone can easily make up the $79 yearly Prime membership fee.

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Sponsored Video: The Beauty Inside

What if everyday when you woke up you had the appearance of a completely different person on the outside? That’s the basic—and very cool, we think—premise of The Beauty Inside.

The movie tells the story of Alex, who maintains the memories and mentality of a 20-something male as he goes through a daily metamorphosis of his appearance. He’ll look like an Asian grandmother one day, a middle-aged balding man the next and so on. Throughout it all, Alex has to keep a job, maintain his friendships and perhaps, per chance, find love.

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