The 10 Best Submarine Movies

There’s something compelling about the submarine genre of movies: the close quarters, the life-and-death nature of it, the mystery of what’s out there in the dark and vast ocean depths. By our unofficial count, there have been roughly 100 submarine-oriented flicks made since World War II. (The exact number depends on which movies you decide to include). Spot Cool Stuff has seen the vast majority of them. Here’s ranking of our personal favorite ten best submarine movies:

Note that our list seems to vary from the consensus opinion. To share your list, dive down to our comments section.

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LOST Season 5 on Blu-Ray
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Spot Cool Stuff recently took a visit to places in Hawaii where the hit TV show LOST was filmed. That was our way of biding time until the day the show’s fifth season arrived on Blu-ray.

Happily, that day has come!

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The Best Blu-Ray Players Revealed
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Every time we go to the local video store it seems that the Blu-ray section grows larger. And the store isn’t getting any bigger, so presumably their selection of old fashion DVDs is shrinking. And it isn’t only at our local store—movies-through-the-mail services like Blockbusterblu ray  The Best Blu Ray Players Revealed and Netflixblu ray  The Best Blu Ray Players Revealed are expanding their fast expanding their Blu-ray offerings too.

There is no doubt: The Blu-ray future is upon us. The humble DVD will soon go the way of the Betamax and VHS tape. Which means now is the time for you to buy a Blu-ray player.

If you own a high definition TV then a Blu-ray player is a must. Looking at a normal DVD on an HDTV is like listening to an audio CD through a 1930s gramophone speaker.

Even for those who don’t yet have an HDTV we maintain that a Blu-ray is a worthy investment—you’ll eventually be buying one anyway (read our review of the best inexpensive HDTV sets) and once you do you’ll have access to a host of interactive Blu-ray movie features. (What those features are exactly varies from movie to movie). Most of all, movies look considerably better with Blu-ray.

Spot Cool Stuff has run through all the mainstream consumer Blu-ray player options. Here, in our judgment, are the best:

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Band Of Brothers Comes To Blu-Ray
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What’s better than getting The Band Of Brothers, one of the greatest TV miniseries in history, on 1080p high definition Blu-ray with DTS surround sound?

Getting the Band of Brothers on Blu-ray at a 63% discount.

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