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4 Humorous Baby Books
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Spot Cool Stuff has been a parent for a little over five months now. Somewhere between the projectile spit-up, the copious amount of poop and the debilitating lack of sleep we’ve learned something: A sense of humor is key to survival.

Which is why we appreciate anything that helps us laugh about this condition called parenthood. And the four books we review below certainly do that. If you already have a child, these tomes can provide much needed humor break. They also make for an appreciated baby shower gift or a congratulatory offering to new parents.

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The Maze of Games:
An Interactive Puzzle Novel
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There are many books filled with puzzles. And there are many, many, MANY books that are novels. But almost no books that are both.

In fact, we only one we know of one such tome: The Maze of Games. And that book isn’t even published yet. It’s a concept project that’s currently open to investors at the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. And what a cool concept it is.

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