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The Maze of Games: <br>An Interactive Puzzle Novel

The Maze of Games: <br>An Interactive Puzzle Novel

The Maze of Games:
An Interactive Puzzle Novel

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There are many books filled with puzzles. And there are many, many, MANY books that are novels. But almost no books that are both.

In fact, we only one we know of one such tome: The Maze of Games. And that book isn’t even published yet. It’s a concept project that’s currently open to investors at the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. And what a cool concept it is.

The idea for the The Maze of Games is inspired, at least in part, by those Choose Your Own Adventure books many of our readers of a certain age no doubt read as kids. Except, instead of choosing your own adventure, it’s more like solving your own adventure.

On any given page of the book you are likely to find either a portion of the story or a puzzle. The prose tells the tale of two teens in Victorian England who accidentally summon a magical creature. The puzzles — word games, logic puzzles and other kinds of mindbenders — contain the answer to a larger mystery hidden within the book. (Click on the example page to the right to see it full-sized in a new window.)

As if that weren’t puzzley enough, there’s a catch: The pages aren’t in order! How you flip through depends on the path you take through each of the book’s four mazes.

Fortunately, find your way the video, below, doesn’t involve solving a riddle. Watch it to learn more about The Maze of Games

published: 3 Feb 2013



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