Entries from October 2011

Take a Video Bitpop Trip

Were you to download one song from Rymdreglage and then another from Ninja Moped you would have two songs from the same band. Why the two names? To confuse their opponents.

And that’s not the only strange thing about the pairing of Swedish high school friends Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh.

Under either name, Larsson and Redgh produce Bitpop, an obscure but growing sub-genre of electronic music that is characterized by the primary melody played by an 8-bit electrical device, like an old Commodore 64 computer or Atari gaming console.

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Infographic: Lifespan of a TV Show

Obviously, the infographic shown below doesn’t depict the lifespan of every TV show (even with the exception of some shows on HBO). My So Called Life only lasted for one season (sadly). The Simpsons has been going for more than 20. Still, it’s amazing how many television series do fit within the basic framework of the lifespan as described in this infographic.

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The Truthiness of Stephen Colbert
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Open wide, baby bird, cause Mama got a big, fat, night crawler of truth.

Those were the words with which Stephen Colbert readied his audience at the start of his first show on DIRECTV in 2005.

Comedy Central‘s fake-news TV pundit claimed that, like his hero George Bush, it’s better to “know with your heart” than to “think with your head.” Colbert promised to deliver “truthiness.” He won’t just read the news to you, but “feel the news at you.”

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The App-Controled Rover Spy Tank

Another entry for the category of Toys I Wish Had Existed When I Was Young: The Brookstone Rover Spy Tank.

Though, to call something that lights up this brightly when turned on a “spy” anything is a bit of a stretch. The rover tank doesn’t run at a whisper quiet either. But it is a very cool.

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