Entries from July 2012

Sponsored Video: The Beauty Inside

What if everyday when you woke up you had the appearance of a completely different person on the outside? That’s the basic—and very cool, we think—premise of The Beauty Inside.

The movie tells the story of Alex, who maintains the memories and mentality of a 20-something male as he goes through a daily metamorphosis of his appearance. He’ll look like an Asian grandmother one day, a middle-aged balding man the next and so on. Throughout it all, Alex has to keep a job, maintain his friendships and perhaps, per chance, find love.

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5 Cool Appcessory Toys

Users of Apple iPads and iPhones downloaded more than 5 million mobile applications from the iTunes app store last month. About that many apps were downloaded by users of Android tablets and smartphones. A million or so more went to Blackberries and devices running other operating systems.

Among the people who were struck by the high—and fast increasing—popularity of mobile apps: toy makers. Increasingly, toys are either designed to be used with an app or are inspired by them. Here’s our review of five especially cool ones:

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