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The (Not For Parents!) Travel Book
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If you’ve visited our travel blog then you’ve likely already figured out: Spot Cool Stuff loves to get out and explore the world. Perhaps the only activity we enjoy more than exploring the world is exploring the world with kids. It’s magical taking a child on their first trip to a foreign country and introducing them to the richness of the planet. It can also be expensive. And time consuming.

That’s why we love the The Lonely Planet Not For Parents Travel Book. Its large, colorful pages offer children a fascinating, kid-friendly introduction to the countries of the world.

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Sponsored Video: Range Anxiety

How far can you travel in a Chevrolet Volt without refueling? Far enough to escape a pack of zombies.

That’s the premise behind a cool new video advertisement for the Volt electric car.

Of course, the video is making certain assumptions: that your ghoul getaway won’t require armor plating . . . that the beautiful driver of said getaway would stop for two scruffy survivors . . . that once ensconced in the safety of a Volt one can overcome the Armageddon by happily driving off into the sunset.

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