Entries from March 2011

Scrumptious, Sculptable Dough

Much of what kids play with eventually ends up in their mouths. That’s especially true when what they are playing with is a brightly colored and has a consistency that’s somewhat food-like, as is the case with Play-Doh. So when possible it can be a good (and potentially hospital-trip averting) idea to let kids play with something they can safely eat, as is the case with Yummy Dough.

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Giant Octopus Kills Shark
spot cool stuff MEDIA

Our recent post on unusual octopus chair designs seemed innocent enough at the time. Little did we know how potentially lethal a giant Pacific octopus could be.

Exhibit #1: The following, rather incredible, video shot by National Geographic.

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The Flying House from Up
Built In Real Life
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There’s something inherently cool about taking a structure conceived for an animated movie or TV show and building it for real.

Spot Cool Stuff regulars may remember our piece on the the real life Simpsons house constructed in Nevada. Building an accurate rendition of that was difficult enough—and it was a regular suburban dwelling. Imagine the challenge of building the house featured in the Pixar hit movie Up. That house was attached to balloons and was able to fly!

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