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Real Life Duff Beer
spot cool stuff MEDIA

Spot Cool Stuff recently wrote about a real life Simpson’s house. For those craving more come-to-life items from America’s longest running TV animation series we suggest real life Duff Beer. And 4 out of every 5 barflies agree.

It turns out, not only is there Duff Beer in real life but there are Duff Beers! Our rundown of where to find them:

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12 Cool LEGO-Themed Products

A sad irony of life: the sort of man who is most likely to crave a LEGO wedding ring is also least likely to get married.

With sufficient LEGO pieces and a healthy imagination you can build pretend versions of anything. The popular line of plastic building blocks have also inspired the design of many real products. Here’s a look at 12 of them:

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