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Working iPhone Costume? There’s an App For That
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Looking for something to wear to your next costume party? If you have a car battery, spare 42-inch LCD TV—and a whole lot of time—you could go as an oversized working Apple iPhone.

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LOST Hawaii Filming Locations
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As fans of the hit ABC television series LOST watch the riveting drama about a group of airplane crash survivors on a mysterious island they often ponder questions of love, fate and survival. What exactly is the Dharma Project? and What do those numbers mean? are questions almost every LOST fan has asked themselves. They inevitably also ask Where exactly are all these gorgeous tropical scenes filmed?

The vast majority of LOST was set in various locations around Hawaii. Even many of the locations that were supposedly not on the survivor’s island were shot in the Aloha State. The Sydney airport in LOST, for example, was really the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.

Here’s our roundup of our favorite Hawaii LOST filming locations. They are each worthy travel destinations, both for those who are fans of the show and those who have never scene it (ie LOST fans-in-waiting):

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8 Free Websites For Expanding Your Music Horizons

Time was that it was difficult to hear music that didn’t make it onto your local radio stations. Which is to say, it was difficult to hear the vast majority of music available.

Not so today. The internet is the great music equalizer. If you are looking to expand your musical horizons, or simply hear a cool tune you’ve never heard before, here are eight of our favorite sites. Though some have pay options, each site can be enjoyed free of charge:

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