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Working iPhone Costume? There’s an App For That

Working iPhone Costume? There’s an App For That

Working iPhone Costume? There’s an App For That

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Looking for something to wear to your next costume party? If you have a car battery, spare 42-inch LCD TV—and a whole lot of time—you could go as an oversized working Apple iPhone.

That’s what Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman did. Two years ago they developed an iPhone costume that simply played a looped video of an iPhone on a wearable TV screen. Not content with that, the duo recently decided to set about creating a “working” wearable iPhone that would respond to user input.

Their ingenious solution for doing that: Modify the software on a real iPhone to allow a live dual image output to the lcd TV while maintaining that image in landscape mode.

Obviously, the TV does not have touchscreen functionality. But all the data on a the screen is real time. Check out the video below.

By the way, Rivera and Hartman have set up an email where fan can contact them: guyphones@gmail.com.

published: Oct 2009


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