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Top 5 Video Game Worlds
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Every video game fan, casual or hardcore, has had the fantasy of being inside the game themselves. Although, whether they’re committing crimes on the streets of San Andreas or battling the Greek god’s in the depths of hell, they don’t take the time to fully appreciate their surroundings either. That’s a huge discredit to the game developers who have put blood, sweat and time into creating the picturesque beauties that are our game landscapes.

To ensure nerd justice is achieved in society, this landscape list has been created to show the best in-game worlds — we’d would buy a virtual plane ticket to visit. If you do not see your favorite game on the list do not be disheartened, it was close to impossible to narrow it down to just five. After considering the aesthetics of the game, the activities that would available on the virtual vacation and general popularity of the title, the list was dissolved into five equally astounding games:

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