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Dead Island:
Best Video Game Trailer Ever?

What’s the most engaging, memorable and visually stunning video game trailer ever made? It might be the one for Dead Island. There’s something about its music, its slow motion scenes and its unusual mix of forwards and backwards action that plants itself hauntingly in one’s mind.

The trailer also depicts graphic violence and disturbing images. It’s definitely not for kids and could be overly harrowing even for adults who have kids . . . or who mildly like kids . . . or who hope to one day go on a peaceful vacation to a tropical isle. With that warning, you can watch the trailer video below.

So does having a superlative trailer mean that Dead Island will be a superlative video game?

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Make Your Own -Opoly

No board game has as many take-offs as Monopoly. You’ve probably seen local Opolies for sale in tacky tourist stores while on vacation. There’s Londonopoly, Tokyopoly, New Deli-opoly, Cape Town-opoly, Hollywoodopoly and even Lubbockolopy (as in Lubbock, Texas). Among the multitudes of other Monopoly verstions are Photo-opoly, Christmas-opoly, Chocolate-opoly, Ice Cream-opoly, Wine-opoly, Earthopoly, Ocean-opoly, Farmopoly, Puppy-opoly and Beagle-opoly (though not, to our knowledge, Puppy-Beagle-opoly), Gardenopoly , Waffle-opoly, Princessopoly and Pirate-opoly, not to mention the counterculture Anti-Monopoly.

If those aren’t enough choices for you—or if you’d like to add a personal touch to your Monopoly-ing—Spot Cool Stuff has an answer for you: Make Your Own-Opoly

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