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The Return of the Soup Nazi
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No soup for you! At least there wasn’t for the last six years at 259A West 55th Street in Manhattan. That was once the location of Soup Nazi restaurant of Seinfeld fame. And, as of yesterday, it is again.

Even the most casual of Seinfeld fans probably know of the Soup Nazi, the surly proprietor of a delicious soup takeout joint featured in an episode in the sitcom’s seventh season. Said surly proprietor was based on a real character, Al Yeganeh, who was not at all fond of Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” nickname. (Although prior to the Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode Yaganeh’s regulars referred to him as “The Terrorist,” which doesn’t strike us as any better a moniker.)

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Vuvuzela Hero

In the wildly popular Guitar Hero and Band Hero video games the goal is to rock the video crowd. But what if the game Vuvuzela Hero existed? Then the goal might be to cause as much auditory pain as possible.

Here’s a video of what a Vuvuzela Hero game might look like:

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