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The Coming Nintendo Wii Football Controller?
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One of the best ways to foresee what’s coming down the gadget pike is to check out company patent filings. Though, of course, a patent for a product being filed doesn’t automatically mean the product will become reality.

With that caveat we bring you this bit of cool news: according to the excellent website Nintendo World Report a patent has been filed for a Wii interactive football controller.

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The Real Life Simpsons House
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In one of our favorite Simpsons episodes, Treehouse of Horror VI, Homer falls through a hole in the space-time continuum and ends up on a real life 3D sidewalk in Hollywood. That was fiction. But this is not: a house that looks like it was transported directly from the cartoon world of The Simpsons onto a real world piece of land in Henderson, Nevada.

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The Best Blu-Ray Players Revealed
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Every time we go to the local video store it seems that the Blu-ray section grows larger. And the store isn’t getting any bigger, so presumably their selection of old fashion DVDs is shrinking. And it isn’t only at our local store—movies-through-the-mail services like Blockbusterblu ray  The Best Blu Ray Players Revealed and Netflixblu ray  The Best Blu Ray Players Revealed are expanding their fast expanding their Blu-ray offerings too.

There is no doubt: The Blu-ray future is upon us. The humble DVD will soon go the way of the Betamax and VHS tape. Which means now is the time for you to buy a Blu-ray player.

If you own a high definition TV then a Blu-ray player is a must. Looking at a normal DVD on an HDTV is like listening to an audio CD through a 1930s gramophone speaker.

Even for those who don’t yet have an HDTV we maintain that a Blu-ray is a worthy investment—you’ll eventually be buying one anyway (read our review of the best inexpensive HDTV sets) and once you do you’ll have access to a host of interactive Blu-ray movie features. (What those features are exactly varies from movie to movie). Most of all, movies look considerably better with Blu-ray.

Spot Cool Stuff has run through all the mainstream consumer Blu-ray player options. Here, in our judgment, are the best:

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