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JFK: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition
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Barak Obama’s election has fueled interest in a previous young president who came into office on a platform of change: John F Kennedy. For that there’s the recently released JFK Ultimate Collector’s Edition featuring Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie on DVD. Along with the epic three-hour long JFK flick, this collector’s edition includes an extra three hours of documentaries, deleted scenes from the movie, a 38-page hardcover photo book and reproductions of famous JFK letters.


The Timelessly Cool Tao Te Ching

Driving home this evening we heard on NPR radio an excellent audio review of the Tao Te Ching. It’s been over 15 years since we’ve read the venerable Taoist text, and over 8,000 years since Lao Tzu first committed it’s words to rice paper, and still the Tao Te Ching is getting press and drawing attention. Why? Because you needn’t be religious, or new agey, or Chinese or even particularly thoughtful to find nuggets of simple truth expressed within the Tao Te Ching’s pages. We recommend reading the book slowly, taking in a single page or a few paragraphs per day. However you choose to read it, pick yourself up a copy if you don’t already have one collecting dust on your bookshelf. Some things remain eternally cool.


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