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Infographic: How a Father’s Music <br>Influences His Kids

Infographic: How a Father’s Music <br>Influences His Kids

Infographic: How a Father’s Music
Influences His Kids

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Those who read our review of the Sonos wireless music system know what cool technology it is. From a single controller, Sonos let’s one control audio on multiple rooms, sans wires. The system is easy to set up. And it’s modular, making expansion easy too.

Though only tangentially related to their music system, Sonos decided to put together the below infographic on how your father’s musical taste may influence your own. It takes into account other factors too, such as whether you grew up on a farm or studied piano.

So what does the infographic’s flow chart conclude about Spot Cool Stuff? That we listen to Vampire Weekend. This is technically true, though not exactly how we think of ourselves.

Whatever the flow chart concludes about your own musical taste, Sonos lets stream it wirelessly to your speakers in a way your father never could.

published: 18 June 2011


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