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Take a Video Bitpop Trip

Take a Video Bitpop Trip

Take a Video Bitpop Trip

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Were you to download one song from Rymdreglage and then another from Ninja Moped you would have two songs from the same band. Why the two names? To confuse their opponents.

And that’s not the only strange thing about the pairing of Swedish high school friends Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh.

Under either name, Larsson and Redgh produce Bitpop, an obscure but growing sub-genre of electronic music that is characterized by the primary melody played by an 8-bit electrical device, like an old Commodore 64 computer or Atari gaming console.

Z.buds by ZAGG

Anyone who played video games in the 1980s and ’90s is already familiar with the bleeps and bloops of 8-bit computers. The Legend of Zelda theme song, the sound of losing a life on Super Mario Brothers—these are 8-bit creations. Composing Bitpop is thus a classic case of finding freedom in limits. Because an 8-bit computer is only capable of producing certain sounds it demands extreme creativity to form those sounds into a song that’s cool (or at least tolerable).

Rymdreglage (aka Ninja Moped) is masterful at Bitpop. And to promote their track 8-Bit Trip, they did what a lot of musicians do: They produced a YouTube video. But unlike other music groups they spent 1,500 hours creating their video—a stop motion masterpiece using themselves, 8-bit computer generated graphics and a whole lot of LEGO pieces. (1,500 hours! That’s more than two months without sleeping, eating or taking breaks!). The video was shortlisted for YouTube Play. Check it out, below.

Larsson and Redgh’s current project is more about destroying musical objects. The two are building a crossbow that’s large enough and powerful enough to catapult a piano 100 meters.

published: 28 Oct 2011



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