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<i>The West Wing</i> Continues on Twitter

<i>The West Wing</i> Continues on Twitter

The West Wing Continues on Twitter

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If you miss the superbly-written television series The West Wing (like Spot Cool Stuff does) then you may be interested and surprised to learn (as Spot Cool Stuff was) that the series is still running on Twitter.

Sort of.

There are no longer budget showdowns, assassination attempts, politically inconvenient romantic trysts and other such plot twists. But the characters from the series do interact and comment on current events in 140 character increments.

Who exactly is behind these Twitter accounts we know not. We do know that there are LOTS of them. Even some of the most minor characters—including C.J. Cregg’s pet goldfish (!)—are on Twitter. Interestingly, the frequency of the tweets don’t seem to correspond to the importance of the character on the show.

Here’s our list of West Wing characters in Twitter, divided by how active their accounts are but otherwise in no particular order:


Jed Bartlet – Former Fictional President, Nobel Prize Winner. @Pres_Bartlet

Leo Thomas McGarry – President Bartlet’s Chief of Staff and Vice Presidential candidate. @McGarrysGhost

Lord John Marbury – Britain’s ambassador to the United States. @Lord_Marbury

Evelyn Baker Lang – Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. @JusticeLang

Joshua Lyman – Chief of Staff for President Santos and Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bartlet. @joshualyman

Donna Moss – Assistant to Josh Lyman and staffer on the Russell and Santos campaigns. @donnatella_moss

Arnie Vinick – Senator from California and Republican presidential candidate. @Victory_Vinick

Matthew Santos – Texas congressman and Democratic presidential candidate. @PresidentSantos

Lionel Tribbey – White House Counsel. @LionelTribbey

Simon Donovan – Secret Service Agent. @AgtSimonDonovan

Jeff Haffley – Former Speaker of the House. Republican. @SpeakerHaffley

Percy Fitzwallace – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. @CJCSFitzwallace

Joey Lucas – Democratic pollster. @JoeyLucasCA

Laurie Rollins – Law student, call girl and Sam Seaborn “friend.” @LaurieRolinsEsq

Robert Russell – Former Vice President and Democratic primary candidate. @VPOTUS_Russell

Ainsley Hayes – Associate White House Counsel @AinsleyHayes

Mallory O’Brien – Daughter of Leo McGary @MalloryOBrien

Ed & Larry – Oft seen together White House staffers. @Ed_and_Larry

Andrea Wyatt – Democratic congresswoman from Maryland and ex-wife of Toby Ziegler @HonAndreaWyatt

Bruno Gianelli – Consultant and Head of Campaign to Reelect @Bruno_Gianelli

John Hoynes – Former Vice President and two-time Democratic primary candidate. @JohnHoynes

Toby Ziegler – Communications Director for President Bartlet. @Toby_Ziegler

Steve – White House reporter. @SteveWHPress

Glen Allen Walken – Former Speaker of the House and Acting President of the United States. @GlenAllenWalken


Annabeth Schott – Press Secretary for First Lady Helen Santos. @Annabeth_Schott

Oliver Babish – White House Counsel. @OliverBabishEsq

Debbie Fiderer – Former Executive Secretary to President Bartlet. @Debbie_Fiderer

Nancy McNally – Former NSA to President Bartlett, now serving as President Santos’s Ambassador to the UN. @DrNancyMcNally

Ron Butterfield – Head of President Bartlet’s/Santos’s Secret Service detail. @RonButterfield

Taylor Reid – Host of The Whole Truth with Taylor Reid. @TaylorReid_WW

Kate Harper – Deputy National Security Advisor. @KateHarper_DNSA

Howard Stackhouse – Liberal Senator from Minnesota. @sen_hstackhouse

Gail – C.J. Cregg’s goldfish @GailTheThird

No Longer Used?

Sam Seaborn – Deputy Communications Director and unsuccessful congressional candidate. @Sam_Seaborn

Eleanor Bartlet – Middle first daughter. @EllieBartlet

Abigail Bartlet – Doctor and wife of President Bartlet. @AbbeyBartlet

Charlie Young – Personal Aide to the President Bartlet @CharlieYoung

Margaret Hooper – Executive assistant to two White House Chiefs of Staff. @margaret_hooper

Delores Landingham – Executive Secretary for President Bartlet. @DLandingham

Mandy Hampton – White House Media Consultant. @mandy_hampton

Danny Concannon – Washington Post reporter (and C.J. Cregg love interest). @DannyConcannon

Greg Brock – New York Times reporter working the White House beat. @GregBrockNYT

updated: 25 July 2011

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