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Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart

Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart

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Genre: New age, Hindu fusion

If you are a yoga regular, or are drawn to new age music, then be prepared for Krishna Das to shoot towards the top of your list of favorite artists.

If you are the sort who can’t stand Enya and wouldn’t be caught dead in a yoga studio you still might be memorized by the more raucous tunes on Pilgrim Heart.

The songs on this album are all based on traditional Hindu devotionals, heavy on chanting and classical Indian instruments. To those are added some western pop music influences, though not so many that you would guess that Krishna Das is actually Long Island, New York native Jeffrey Kagel.

In his early adulthood Kagel, now Das, was a rock ‘n’ roll loving suburban school bus driver (picture Otto from The Simpsons). Then he had a chance New York City encounter with Indian guru Ram Das. That was the moment that changed Kagel’s life (and his name). He travel to India, studied Hindu philosophy and became enchanted with the songs of the mystics. The result of that spiritual transformation are for all to hear on Pilgrim Heart. For more upbeat tracks give a listen to Devi ‘Rave’ and Namah Shivaya.

Best tracks: Namah Shivaya (#1), Jaya Jagatambe (#9), Devi ‘Rave’ (#11)

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