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A Two Minute Walk Across America

A Two Minute Walk Across America

A Two Minute Walk Across America

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Is it possible to walk across the United States, from New York City to San Francisco, in two minutes? It is through the magic of stop-motion photography and the trickery of time-lapse video. There’s even time along the way to snap a few photos of Washington D.C. monuments and to take in Mt Rushmore.

Here’s the video of how such a journey would look . . .

Oh, and in case you are wondering of how this video was made check out our other embedded video, which gives a glimpse behind-the-scenes.

Also, if you are curious who would go through all the trouble (and expense) of making this video you might be disappointed—the whole thing is part of a stealth marketing campaign by Levi Jeans.

[via Travelogged]

published: 1 Aug 2010


Behind the scenes

And now that your mind has been subconsciously conditioned to by a pair of Levi’s, click here.

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