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Olympus PEN Stop Motion

Olympus PEN Stop Motion

Olympus PEN Stop Motion

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Stop motion animation has been around almost as long as cameras have. But Olympus took it to a whole new level when creating an Olympus PEN digital camera advertisement.

For the ad, Olympus took 355 photographs with a PEN camera and printed them out to billboard size. They then took those billboards and photographed them in an urban environment to tell a story. The result is a very cool, especially when you consider that no special effects were involved and that the whole ad was shot using a camera that costs around US$600.

The Olympus PEN, not incidentally, is a really excellent micro four thirds camera—it looks like a compact point-and-shoot digital camera but can accommodate interchangeable lenses. As much as Spot Cool Stuff loves the still photos the PEN produces (and we do!) were this gem-of-a-camera really excels is in taking HD quality video.


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