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Alice in iPadland

Alice in iPadland

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When Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole into Wonderland she found herself in an entirely new world in which nothing worked how she expected it would.

You might get that same surreal feeling the first time you experience Lewis Carroll’s classic tale on an iPad.

The iPad as an ebook reader has several disadvantages to its Amazon Kindle rival. The Kindle is more comfortable to hold, it’s less expensive, has a longer battery life and its e-ink technology is appreciably easier on the eyes. In the iPad’s favor: It has a full-color touch sensitive screen and tilt sensitivity. Those advantages don’t matter when reading a John Grisham novel. But they are on full glorious display with the Alice iPad app ($9 through iTunes).

The iPad version of Alice in Wonderland features all of the book’s original illustrations digitally remastered. Each page is also interactive! Use the touchscreen to guide Alice through the Pool of Tears. Tilt the iPad to grow and shrink Alice’s house. Make mushrooms tumble throughout Wonderland, throw playing cards around and play with the White Rabbit’s pocket watch.

Hopefully many other interactive ebooks will come out for the iPad. In the meantime, check out the video preview of Alice for the iPad below. It’s Mad Hatter cool.

published: 15 April 2010


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