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Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om

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Note: Spot Cool Stuff is are not from India and doesn’t claim any special expertise of Bollywood. However, we are casual fans of Bollywood and have watched more than our share of its flicks. Over the last year we’ve noticed an uptick in westerners asking us suggestions of Indian movies they might want to check out. Hence our new category: Blockbuster Movies (For People New to Bollywood Movies). We are not claiming that these are the very best Bollywood movies. We do think a new fan might appreciate watching them. All of our choices will be relatively easy to obtain (at Blockbuster or through Amazon, for example) and offer subtitles. We’ve opened this post for comments so, please, feel free to suggest Bollywood movies of your own . . .

Om Shanti Om (2008) begins as the story of an aspiring Bollywood actor (played by Shahrukh Khan who, ironically, is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars). The film then morphs into a murder plot. Then morphs again into a revenge saga. It all takes 162 minutes, several slapstick gags, one reincarnation and several dance numbers to get through. The Bollywood-film-within-a-Bollywood-film is a double treat for you if you are new to the genre, providing a behind the scenes look at the movie culture in India. Many of Bollywood’s top stars make cameos of themselves throughout the film. Check out one of the dance numbers after the jump.

Cast Highlights: Shahrukh Khan (the main character) and Arjun Rampal (the villain) are Bollywood veterans. Deepika Padukone (the main love interest) is very much a rising star.

Plot Complexity: Medium

Amount of Sing And Dancing: Medium (for a Bollywood movie)

Best Line: “Oh, Fish”

Funny Moment (That Wasn’t Intended To Be): The whole My Heart Is Full Of The Pain Of Disco song.

What To Look For: Subtle digs at the movie culture in Hollywood.


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