Band Of Brothers Comes To Blu-Ray

Band Of Brothers Comes To Blu-Ray

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What’s better than getting The Band Of Brothers, one of the greatest TV miniseries in history, on 1080p high definition Blu-ray with DTS surround sound?

Getting the Band of Brothers on Blu-ray at a 63% discount.

That’s what Amazon is currently offering. Their price for this 6-disk set is a mere $37.49, considerably less than the nearly $100 retail cost. Though, even at full price, this is a worthy purchase.

Band of Brothers tells the epic true story of the American Easy Company during World War Two. You follow the characters from their preparation for the Normandy invasion, through the Battle of the Bulge, to the liberation of a Nazi concentration camps and the war’s conclusion. All 10 episodes are riveting and portray the the experience of being in the war more realistically than any other cinematic depiction, on the large screen or small.

The Blu-ray discs also feature an 80-minute documentary on the war, a picture-in-picture commentary by some of the actual members of Easy Company portrayed in the miniseries and an interactive guide to WWII Europe.


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